You Need to Do This One Thing Before Your Next Date

Before your next date, it is important to make sure you are mentally and emotionally prepared. Take time to reflect on your dating experiences, and think about what you would like to do differently this time. Talk to friends and family about your upcoming date, and ensure you have a positive attitude. Additionally, make sure that you are well-rested and have plenty of time to get ready, so that you can be your best self on the date.

In this episode, I share the importance of taking yourself out on a date…alone.

I share my journey of dating me. I explain how the baby step of taking myself out to breakfast changed my perspective on dating altogether.
I’ll talk about how the best thing you can do for yourself is to stop waiting and start living. It is up to us to create the life we deserve and wants and not wait for someone to do it for us. An excellent way of practicing this is by Making ourselves out on a date.

Taking ourselves out sends a message to the universe. You are telling yourself you are worthy of experiences and deserving of love. Instead of being reactive, you are being proactive. You are living in the moment and celebrating the most important person in the room.

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