Why Do You Have to Be Vulnerable to Find Love?

Being vulnerable is essential to finding love because it allows you to open up and be truly yourself. Being vulnerable allows you to be seen as you are and express your authentic feelings and emotions. Opening yourself up to someone creates a deep connection and intimacy that can lead to a meaningful relationship. Being vulnerable also shows that you trust and care for the other person, which can help to build a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

In order to attract love, you must stop assuming and start being vulnerable.

We block love from coming into our lives because we are so busy assuming what people think and want We do it as a form of protection in hopes we can avoid pain.

In this episode! talk about the importance of assuming positive intent. I discuss the key to true connection is to stop assuming and start being vulnerable. The bottom line is to be loved. We must show love. We show love by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to allow others in.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable on your next date and see what happens.

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