Join me as I welcome Nicki Pike to the Single Women’s Society.

Nicki is a single mom, entrepreneur, writer, and podcaster. Nicki opens up about navigating her life as a single professional woman. She explains how she took the grief of losing her mother and brother in a year and turned it into an opportunity that would touch people’s lives everywhere. We discuss the challenges of divorce, grief & dating as a single mom. You’ll want to take listen!

Bio from Nicki:
Nicki’s journey is one of growth and loss, loss and growth to the point sometimes it feels like she is stuck on repeat. Life has knocked her down more than once these last few years, but these challenges and struggles led her to find her way to the person she is today. Nicki’s journey has opened her up to share her story in the hopes of helping others facing similar challenges. What are these challenges she has faced? Everything from fertility treatment, divorce, sexual assault, and the loss of her mom in 2019, then her brother at the end of 2020. Her story is about how she survived each of these and lived the best way she knows how one day at a time. She learned it’s about understanding that grief and trauma don’t end but that she can still make daily choices to live her best life. She knew it was about doing what made her feel alive, even if other people didn’t understand. She knew it was okay to live life on her terms and, ultimately, that it was okay to be happy, even during difficult times.

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Podcast: Life As ….Nicki Pike

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