How do you know if you are giving too much when it comes to dating?
Do you complain that you are giving so much in your dating life and not getting much in return?

As women, we are natural nurturers and givers. When we love someone, we go all in. We give as much as possible, hoping our partner will meet us in the middle. What happens if they don’t? We love harder – invest more of our time, energy, and love in hopes they will return it to us. When they don’t, we take this as a sign that something is wrong with us.

We find ourselves miserable. We develop animosity, anger, and resentment toward our partners. We only look to them for validation and support to get “I can’t give you what you want in return.

My guest Tiffany faced this when she reached out to be coached on-air.

Listen as we discuss her patterns of overdelivering in her dating life. We talk about how someone showing up to the relationship the same way we are is key to feeling appreciated. Her potential partner must earn the right to know all her “quirks” and receive her love.