Internet Trolls, Negativity & Vulnerability

Internet trolls post inflammatory, rude, or abusive comments online. They often target vulnerable people or groups to get a reaction or cause trouble. This online behavior is damaging, as it can cause emotional distress and lead to cyberbullying.

Negativity is a pervasive problem on the internet, but it is not something that needs to be accepted. People can take steps to challenge and combat negativity, such as reporting trolls to the platform they are using, flagging offensive comments, and blocking people who are being abusive. Additionally, people can work to create a more positive and supportive online community by engaging in positive conversations and providing support to those who are vulnerable.

Vulnerability is also an important part of the discussion regarding internet trolls and negativity. Vulnerable people may feel more exposed to online harassment and abuse, and protecting them from this is important. People can do this by speaking out against trolls and standing up for those targeted. It is also important to create an online environment where people can feel safe to express themselves without fear of being attacked or ridiculed.

Have you had someone troll you online or, even worse…in real life? How do you handle it?

Do you believe the fear of judgment, negativity, and trolls prevent you from being vulnerable and finding true love?

This week I opened up about my journey with trolls & vulnerability. I share my past struggles with body image & dating. In this episode, I tell the story of the date who told me the worst thing imaginable. I explain when it comes to handling negativity and trolls. It is not about what they say. It is all about how you look at the situation.

Join me as I give you a step-by-step guide on how you can handle both the troll & your mindset. I provide you with journal prompts you can use the next time this happens to you.

Episode 020: Dating After Divorce

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