Finding love can be difficult and time-consuming, but there are ways to find love faster and make the process easier. You can increase your chances of finding love faster by taking the initiative, being open to new experiences, and being willing to put in the effort needed to create meaningful connections. Additionally, taking the time to understand what you need and want in a partner and being honest about what you are looking for can help you find the right person faster. Lastly, be patient, enjoy the journey, and don’t give up. You can find love faster with little effort and the right attitude.

Join me as I discuss Single Women Society!

Are you ready to go from lonely and intimidating to having more love while meeting long-term peers? In the Peacock Room, you can find the caliber of support you expect with Cat’s coaching, our Power Circles, peer feedback, accountability, and a private club full of women like you.

What would it feel like to have my high-impact coaching among like-minded peers to help you find love faster? A mentor who isn’t afraid to tell you “like it is” and call you out when you can’t see the red flags?

The Peacock Room contains a unique group of single high-achieving women who have “done the work” and are ready to let true love in.
The Peacock Room is for women tired of feeling alone but doesn’t want to settle when it comes to love. They know they deserve more but need that extra push of accountability.