No one can answer this question for you. Deciding whether to get back with your ex or move on is a personal decision only you can make. It is important to consider why your relationship ended and the circumstances of your breakup. It is also important to consider your current and past feelings for your ex-partner and how these may have changed over time. Additionally, it is important to consider your goals and values and how a potential reconciliation may or may not fit into them. Ultimately, you are the only person who can decide whether or not to get back with your ex or move on.

Have you ever considered going back to your ex?

You are not alone. More and more women are exploring the id& because they are tired of the dating scene. Women are lonely and seeking connection. The thought of restarting a relationship from the beginning is exhausting. It is much easier to return to something you already know having to start again from scratch.

Join me as I cover my top 4 reasons why women return to their ex and why you shouldn’t. We discuss how this action can stall and prevent you from finding true love.