Your type is the personality traits and characteristics that make up who you are. The combination of your values, beliefs, goals, and interests defines you. However, if your type prevents you from finding true love, it may be because it’s not aligned with the type of person you seek.

For example, if you value independence, but the person you’re looking for values connection, that can create an issue. Or if you’re looking for someone with similar interests, but your type is completely different, that can also be an issue.

To find true love, it’s important to be aware of how your type affects your relationships and to be open to different types of people.

When it comes to love, we are convinced we are only attracted to one type of person.
“They aren’t my type.” And yet, we find ourselves stuck in the same dead-end relationships and wonder… Why isn’t this working? Have you ever thought about your “type” and why?

Come and join me as I give you a sneak peek into my free workshop, How To Ex-Proof Your Life.
I talk about why we pick the same type over and over again and what steps you can take from dating your future ex.

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