Dear Matchmaker: How To Find Love Faster

Finding love can be difficult and time-consuming, but there are ways to find love faster and make the process easier. You can increase your chances of finding love faster by taking the initiative, being open to new experiences, and being willing to put in the effort needed to create meaningful connections. Additionally, taking the time … Read more

Dear Matchmaker: Internet Trolls, Negativity & Vulnerability

Internet Trolls, Negativity & Vulnerability Internet trolls post inflammatory, rude, or abusive comments online. They often target vulnerable people or groups to get a reaction or cause trouble. This online behavior is damaging, as it can cause emotional distress and lead to cyberbullying. Negativity is a pervasive problem on the internet, but it is not … Read more

Dear Matchmaker: Personal Episode – My Divorce, Trauma & Dating

Welcome to Dear Matchmaker! This week I interviewed my fiance Brian! Take a listen! You can see the video I mention in the episode here: You can sign up for our Free workshop this Monday- click here: You can find more information about my services is here:

How To Find Your Right Person With Dr. Duana Welch

How To Find Your Right Person With Dr. Duana Welch

You can download your FREE chapter of Dr. Duana’s book at http://www.LoveFactually.coEvery prospective client can have a free 15-minute session for the next month. To book this, ask a question, or get free content from her books, visit Find out more at or contact me at can find our FREE love quiz … Read more